"BOB WIRE, BOBBED WIRE, BARB WIRE, BARBED WIRE,” and “Gumption” forthcoming in the TWANG anthology

“I should be sleeping, but I am watching YouTube videos of a Swedish woman calling cattle,” and “Warsh,” forthcoming with Colorado Review

“We Speak Through Walkie-Talkies With Impossible Range,” forthcoming with Bennington Review

“Self-Portrait as Disco Ball Missing Tiles,” and “Morning Morning,” forthcoming with South Carolina Review

“dark acre,” Constant Stranger: After Frank Stanford, Foundlings Press, 2018

“Rapunzel w/ Head Half-Shaved,” Willow Springs, Issue 81, Spring 2018

“Erica Jong Said, ‘If a Woman Wants to be a Poet, She Must Dwell in the House of the Tomato,’” Muzzle, December 2017

“Brother, I Built This Diorama of My Nightmare Inside a Shoebox for You,” TYPO, Issue 28, 2017

“Rodeo Queen,” “Landscape with my Father & a Dead Man’s Harmonica,” and “How Do You Love Someone Who Wants to be All Ghost?,” Indiana Review, Issue 39.2, Winter 2017

“Using a Stolen Guide on Morse Code, I Send a Signal Out My Bedroom Window into the Corn Field,” Hayden’s Ferry Review, Issue 60, Spring/Summer 2017


“Agar,” forthcoming with DIAGRAM